A Metroid rip-off, before they were cool

I was at a used game store the other day, and while I was looking for my obligatory DS software to buy, I came across a game that caught my interest: Scurge: Hive. It was a game I had never heard of before, was a Sci-Fi adventure game, looked interesting, and only cost five bucks. There was also something strangely familiar about it, so decided to make the not-so deep investment, bought the game and hoped it would turn out to be hidden gem.

I got the game home, popped it in the DS and waited to see what it had in store for me. What I first saw was an intro scene played during the game's start up, and the more I watch the more I began to feel like I've already seen it. Then it donned on me. This game was basically Metroid.

The main premise of this game is that a parasitic alien species is wreaking havoc in a research facility on a distant planet, and that a super-powered, female bounty hunter is hired to deal with the crisis.

This, this is Metroid. No, this is when that one shady Chinese development team steals the game assets from a Metroid game, alters a couple things and changes the name. Sure, Scurge in isometric view, but does that warrant publishing a Metroid fanfiction?

I guess I'm not being completely fair. The game itself is pretty decent, and it is a licensed Nintendo game. I'm just bewildered by how a group of people out there felt it was necessary to make the "Not Metroid" Metroid game.

However, this also got me thinking about games being made today, particularity from the side of indie developers. Games like Axiom Verge and Shantae take a lot of inspiration from the Metroid series, and I swear there's a new Metroid-ish game being announced every few months. So in a lot of ways Scurge was a pioneer in not pioneering.

It's a game that came out years before these Kickstarter tributes to the Metroid Series began to pop up everywhere, and it proves one thing: Nintendo stinks and needs to make a new Metroid game. Seriously, that's what everything seems to come back to when talking about indie games. Nintendo published Scurge ten years ago to start the process of torturing the Metroid fans, a process that looks to be hitting it's peak with the imminent release of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Basically, Nintendo's cruelty knows no limits.

In short, I randomly found an old DS game that proves Nintendo is run by evil masterminds, I guess.


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