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The Long Wait

There you are, standing at the back of an eight-person line. The register is only fifteen feet away, but it might as well be fifteen miles. You try pretending like it's not that bad. That of course fails as you observe how slowly your fellow patrons in front of you are moving. A series of sighs and groans leave your mouth, albeit under your breath. All you have is a gallon of milk. You've needed this milk all week, but you thought, "I can wait. I've got all week." Now the week's over. Way to go. I guess you didn't learn your lesson from that one time you had all week to get gas for your car. You look down at your now lukewarm milk and then look back up. You wonder if the line has somehow gotten longer. Everyone in front of you has a full cart. Well, not everyone. Mr. "I just got a welfare check" right in front of you has two carts. Now's the time when you wonder how much you even like milk. Fifteen minutes pass. Another five more. Now, the on

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