Midterm Mania

Well, Beth had (mostly) broken all of her sleeping in class habits, and has been doing much (somewhat) better in all of her courses. You wouldn't know this if all you did was look at her. Beth, God bless her, had the appearance and demeanor of a death row inmate.  Her face was terror personified, her eyes bled exhaustion and her overall jitteriness was almost unbearable to witness. In short, Beth was stressed. I guess I could’ve just said that in the first place.

Her newest crisis was the imminent arrival of her first college midterms, hence the stress. No matter where anyone saw her on campus, she was always doing the same thing: pacing back and forth, her face buried in either a book or her notes. What’s impressive is that she only managed to walk into three other people, two doors and one trash bin while doing so. I imagine the people she walked into didn’t think she was as skillful, but who cares what they think. How’d they let her walk into them in the first place?

Beth sat at table in the school cafeteria.  Susie was with her, for whatever reason.  It was also Friday, and Beth’s first midterm was to take place on the following Monday at 9:00 AM.  The exam was for her economics class. This was her most feared exam, and by the powers of some divine prank, it was of course her first one. I had said earlier that she had kicked her sleeping habits. I never said anything about her not paying attention habits.

“So,” Susie leaned back in her chair, “you ready for Monday?” Susie did a just terrible job of hiding her amusement.

Beth shot a few daggers Susie’s way. “What do you think?”

Susie chuckles at Beth’s frustration, like any good friend would.

“I think you better keep studying,” Susie got up from her seat, “I’ll talk to you on Tuesday. I’m not going anywhere near you on Monday.”

Susie left, still smirking. Why are they friends? Whatever. Moving on.

Beth made sure Susie actually left and returned to burying her face in a book. She, she was staring at that book with such focus, you’d think she was trying to burn the book with Super Man’s heat vision. I’m sure her parents would be proud of her effort, but parental pride does help anyone ace exams.
“I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead,” Beth’s words were muffled as she smother her face in between the pages of her text book. Yes, she was being stared at by everyone around her, again. I don’t think she cared this time, or at least had enough remaining sanity to notice. Poor, poor Beth. It was funny, but pitiful.

Friday was over, Saturday and Sunday came and went, and now it was time for Beth to embrace nihilism. She made the mile long  twenty-foot hike up the single flight of steps that lead to the second floor of the science building. Her facial expression was grim, hence all the other students around her weird stares. She saw all of these, she just didn't care this time. What a melodramatic loon.
I’ll spare you the utterly depressing details of the exam. Just know that Beth stared at the test for a solid ten minutes before she actually began to work on it. 

The test ended, everyone silently exited the classroom, with Beth closing the pack. She didn’t look upset, stressed or concerned. She looked utterly expressionless. That eerie look someone will have on their face the day before they return to work with a shotgun. It was hilarious.

I’m not the only one who thought so.

“Hey, Beth,” Susie, who apparently couldn't wait one freaking day, walked up behind Beth and pulled on her arm, “The test went well I assume?”

Beth looked at Sue. Much to Susie’s surprise (and disappointment), Beth did not give her signature death stare. No, this one more resembled what one looks like when they binge drink cough suppressant.

“Oh, great, now I have guilt,” Susie seemed sincere, but she still had that stupid grin on her face.

“I’m going home,” Beth kept walking, slow, steady and pathetically. I’ll say it again, what a melodramatic loon.

Susie shrugged and walked away. What a good friend. Well, Beth left the campus and drove home, frowning the whole way.

That was her first midterm exam, with four more to go, but I don’t feel like talking about them (Beth was prepared for those, so it wouldn't be fun). I’ll be back later to tell you more of the epic saga that is Beth’s freshman year.

Also, Beth got a B- on her exam. A melodramatic loon.                          


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