Small Victories



DAVE and his friend LUCAS sit together on a couch and watch a hockey game on the TV.  The game is the Redwings versus the Rangers.  Dave is wearing a Redwings jersey, and Lucas is wearing a Rangers’ one.

DAVE:  Rangers suck, man.

LUCAS:  Shut it.

DAVE:  Hey, I’ll shut it when the Rangers start to actually play hockey.

LUCAS:  Up yours, man.

The game reaches its last minute, with the Redwings ahead by one point.

DAVE:  You ready to lose?

LUCAS:  It’s not over yet.

DAVE:  Spoken like a sore loser.

Lucas is visibly angry.

The timer goes down to one, then zero.  The buzzer sounds, ending the game. 

Dave sits back in his seat and looks smugly at Lucas.  Lucas does not react immediately.

DAVE: ...Well?

Lucas stands up, goes to front of the apartment, grabs his coat, and opens the front door.  Dave watches him, confused.

LUCAS:  Hang on a second.

Lucas leaves.


Lucas walks through the entrance of the Best Buy, and looks to his right at the TV department. He walks up and down the aisles of TVs, and stops in front of a 32-inch flatscreen.

A Best Buy employee approaches Lucas.

EMPLOYEE: Is there anything I can help you with?

LUCAS: (points at the TV)I’ll take this one.


Dave still sits on his couch, but is now holding his cell phone and attempting to call someone.

DAVE: Come on, pick up.

Dave puts down his phone when no one picks up.

DAVE: Dang it!  Where did you go--

The door buzzer rings, prompting Dave to jump to his feet and run to it.

DAVE: (Hitting the button.) Who is it?

LUCAS: (V.O.) Can I come up?

DAVE:  Where did you go?

LUCAS:  I’ll explain in a minute, just let me in.

Dave concedes and buzzes Lucas in.

DAVE:  Oh boy.

A few seconds pass before Lucas knocks on Dave’s door.

DAVE:  That you?

LUCAS: Yes, now let me in.  This thing is heavy.

DAVE: What?

Dave opens the door and sees Lucas holding the boxed flatscreen in his arms.

DAVE: Uhh, Lucas, what is that for?

LUCAS: (walks past Lucas) Give me a second.

Lucas sets the flat-screen down in the middle of Dave’s living room, and then turns to Dave’s TV.  He unplugs the TV, carries it to a nearby window, opens the window, and throws the TV out.

Lucas watches as the TV hits the pavement of the parking lot below and smashes to pieces.

LUCAS: There we go.

Lucas dusts off his hands, closes the window and turns to Dave.

Dave merely stares at Lucas, dumbfounded, confused and angry.

Lucas moves over to the flat-screen he had brought in and places the receipt on top of it.  He then looks at Dave once more.

LUCAS:  Worth it.  And the Red Wings suck.



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