The New Semester

Beth nearly fell out of her desk chair.  Yes, she was sleeping.  How you fall asleep in class only one week into your first semester is beyond me, but that’s not important right now.  What is important is how she made a weird grunting sound as she simultaneously woke up and regained her balance, which of course caught everyone’s attention. 

“You okay?” The obvious drug user in the seat next to her asked. 

“Yeah,” Beth replied sheepishly.  She tried her best not to look at the professor, but couldn’t help it. Her professor, an elderly man with the attitude of a man with the best of tenor, merely looked at her condescendingly, and continued on with his lecture.  The class was Introduction to Economics, if you were curious.  Actually, when you realize what class it is, Beth’s falling asleep suddenly becomes more understandable.

I need to get out of here. Beth’s thought, repeating infinitely.  Her own humiliation was the final straw it seems.  She stared at the professor with an almost disturbing amount of focus.  She wasn’t listening to him, she just needed to keep her eyes on something to keep them open.  In her head she was counting the seconds.

The hour moved by, finally. Our short, dark-haired friend stood up out of her seat, striving to not make eye contact with any of the other students, and slyly walked towards the door.  The way she tried sneak out the door of course only made everyone notice her, the exact opposite of what she wanted, but luckily she was awkwardly staring at the floor as she moved.  Ignorance is bliss, that’s for sure.

Beth made maybe fifteen feet down the hall before someone caught up to her.  Someone who saw everything she did in class.  Someone she’s known for years.  Someone who was eager to poke fun of her. I can’t remember the friend’s name, so we’ll go with Susie. Don’t know why, but when I see her red hair and kind of lanky posture, she strikes me as a “Susie.”

“So,” There was an unmistakable gleam in Susie’s eyes, “That was… something.”

“Please, Susie, not now,” Beth’s head sunk even lower as she continued her march of shame to her next class.

“Sure thing. How ‘bout later? You know I need to.”

Beth glances at Susie. It’s a subtle look, but it conveyed all manner of obscenities. This only made Susie, that little sadist, all the more giddy.

“Okay, okay, I’ll leave it be,” Susie began to walk away, “But if it happens again, there’s no holding back on my part.”

“I know,” Beth sighed. The two girls parted ways. Beth was now standing in front of her next classroom. Beth checked her phone, let out a yawn, went in the room and took a seat for her Ancient Civilizations history class. Don’t feel bad for her. She’s the one you picked the class schedule.

Well, I’m tired. I’ll tell you how the rest of her day went another time.


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