One Click Away

Really?  You again?  Fine, what are doing this thi-- oh for love of-- are you on Amazon?  You got your paycheck today, didn't you? Well, let's see what's good.  Did you get some overtime at work?  Because that gleam in your eyes says yes.

Alright, what are you looking at first?  No, please don't click on the Apparel link.  You don't need any-- you pressed it.  Great.  I guess we'll see what they have, and what you can't afford.

The first thing to catch your eye is a shirt.  It's from your favorite brand, and you know all your friends would get a kick out of it.  It's fifty dollars.  I see your arrow hovering the Add To Cart button.  Don't you dare.  I don't care if all your friends would like it, You put less money than that into car for gas each week, you're not spending that much on a single shirt.

Now that you've admitted to the ridiculousness of the shirt's price, you're sulking in the Electronics department.  This is not the place to go so you can feel better.

Case in point, why are you clicking on that plasma screen?  You can't help but be in awe of it, it's amazing.  Your current TV is old, as far a new TVs go.  You've had since before you started college, and are ready to replace it.  Once again, do not hit that button.  You're trying to reason why you shouldn't.  This TV will last you years, and you know the old one is about ready to break.

I'll give you one reason: bills.  That gleam in your eye is now gone, and your arrow is no longer over the Add to Cart button.  Now don't make that face, you know I right.  Yes, it's a pain, but just save up for it.  Stop looking at your paycheck.  You've only had this job for two months.  Save a little money every two weeks, the TV's still going to be there.

You look at the corner of the screen and are fixated on your empty buggy.  The brief thought of checking Wal-Mart for deals crosses your mind, but you know better now.  You close the browser, and put your laptop in sleep mode.  Before you leave, make sure you grab your check.  You've need to put it in your account tomorrow to be able to pay your phone bill, which is already past-due.


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