Link vs. Cuccolfos

Fade In:


Link is hiking through Hyrule Fields while accompanied by Navi.  They make their way around a grouping of trees and spot a strange-colored cucco scurrying around. 

Navi flutters over to the creature to examine it.

Navi:  It’s a Cuccee, a rare rupee-feathered cucco.  Defeat it to earn 1000 rupees!

Link attacks the cucco with his sword.  It runs away.  Link pursues and strikes again repeatedly.  The cucco stops, turns to links, and begins to make a weird growling sound. 

The cucco mutates into a massive, monstrous version of itself, lets out a terrifying roar and charges at Link. 

Link screams and runs away.  The cucco chases Link and subdues him behind a bush.
The sounds of the bird attacking Link are heard, along with Link’s cries of pain and anguish.   

The sounds stop.  The bird, now back to normal, casually moves about, clucks for a bit, and departs.

Link limps out from behind the bush, badly beaten and in pain.

Navi flies up to Link.

Navi:  That’s for telling me to shut up all the time.  Don’t ever yell at me again, “fairy-boy.”



  1. It's a short scene I wrote a while ago. I don't have a screenwriting software, so it's not formatted. :(


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