You Won't Fix Your Own Game?

And the accumulated filth of all their micro-transactions and DLC will foam up about their waists and all the CEOs and developers will look up and shout "Buy our games!" ... and we'll look down and whisper "Up yours."

This YouTube comment of mine sums up my feelings about companies that willingly screw over their consumers.  It also paraphrases a quote from  Watchmen, but that's beside the point.   

The creators of Batman: Arkham Origins have decided to forgo patching serious glitches that occur in the game.  They did this because they wanted to finish creating the game's DLC.   They are focusing on developing the DLC for a game many people cannot finish in the first place due to the glitches.

Game companies everywhere, if you deliberately pull stupid stunts like releasing a game with game-ruining bugs, and then refuse to fix them, then you can be sure we the players stop buying your product, and gleefully watch you fail. 


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