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A Metroid rip-off, before they were cool

I was at a used game store the other day, and while I was looking for my obligatory DS software to buy, I came across a game that caught my interest: Scurge: Hive. It was a game I had never heard of before, was a Sci-Fi adventure game, looked interesting, and only cost five bucks. There was also something strangely familiar about it, so decided to make the not-so deep investment, bought the game and hoped it would turn out to be hidden gem.

I got the game home, popped it in the DS and waited to see what it had in store for me. What I first saw was an intro scene played during the game's start up, and the more I watch the more I began to feel like I've already seen it. Then it donned on me. This game was basically Metroid.

The main premise of this game is that a parasitic alien species is wreaking havoc in a research facility on a distant planet, and that a super-powered, female bounty hunter is hired to deal with the crisis.

This, this is Metroid. No, this is when that one sha…

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