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Top Ten: Easiest Legend of Zelda Bosses

Have you ever played a Zelda game? Am I asking a really, really stupid question? I probably am, but I still need to ask. If you have, you know there’s a lot of good stuff in those games. Good gameplay, good action, good story, good puzzles, good visuals, and good music. And these elements, all of them, always, evenly, and fantastically converge in one aspect that every Zelda fan loves: the bosses.

Yes, the bosses are all amazing. Fun, frightening, entertaining, and, for the most part, very easy. Personally, I don’t think the simplicity of the boss battles are a problem, since they are more intended be a spectacle rather than a challenge. Zelda games are never supposed to demand too much from the players. That being said, there are some bosses whose lack of difficulty would make anyone wonder if they can still be considered actual enemies. They are the ones I’m putting in the spotlight. And since there is such vast difference between the 2D and 3D games, I’m going to focus solely on th…

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