The Retail Carol

This is kind of late, but I  don't really care.  Here you go.

The Retail Carol

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the store,

Many people were still shopping,
For the sales galore.

But we want them to leave now,
However they won’t.

We have lives to get back to,
Even if they don’t.

So we turn off all the lights,
And signal to all,

To please get out of the store,
Or the cops we’ll call.

How the Customers did leave,
In a crazed frenzy,

Except for that old lady,
Who must be crazy.

We explain to her the time,
Hurry her along,

Because though we are smiling,
Our patience is gone.

The store is now empty,
And we are relieved,

For the next day and a half,
We’ve earned a reprieve.

But as glad as we may be,
Our anger will fume,

‘Cause soon the 26th will come,
And the pain resumes.


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